Devil’s Guantlet

  THE “Devil’s Guantlet” is a close replica of the original Sultana built in 1767 at the Benjamin Hollowell shipyards in Boston, Massachusetts. Sultana first distinguished herself as a dispatch carrier between the American colonies and other points in the North Atlantic. Later purchased by the Royal Navy, she continued to serve the British as an armed dispatch vessel for many years. 

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  Current days replica of the ‘Devil’s Guantlet’ hull was built at Half Moon Bay, CA in 1968 and following over six years of labor by her principals and fifty youth volunteers and crew members, stands replica of the original vessel. Re-learning all but forgotten skills of Eighteen century shipbuilders, the fittings and spars were custom made in the old style and has over 5,000 feet of rigging which was painstakingly tarred, wormed, parceled and served in traditional fashion.Sultana

We are welcoming volunteers and donations to complete this project. You can see the progress on our Facebook page Devils Guantlet 

Particulars: Length Overall – 91 feet Length on Deck – 60 feet
Displacement – 60 tons
Beam – 17 feet
Draft – 7 feet
Staterooms – 4
Full galley, two separate dining areas
Equipped with all modern conveniences